Starting proceedings before the UPC

What should the plaintiff lodge to start proceedings?

Depending on the type of action to be started, the plaintiff shall lodge either:

  • a Statement of claim;
  • a Statement for revocation;
  • a Statement for a declaration of non-infringement;
  • an Application for appropriate compensation under Article 8.1 of Regulation 1257/2012;
  • an Application to annul or alter a decision of the European Patent Office;
  • an Application for obtaining provisional and protective measures and injunctions.

Where should the plaintiff lodge her statement/application?

For First Instance proceedings:

A plaintiff shall lodge her Statement or Application at a sub-registry of the UPC’s Registry. Sub-registries will be set up in all local or regional divisions as well as in central divisions.

The plaintiff may under Article 33 of the UPC Agreement, choose between several divisions . The UPC Agreement in fact provides for the plaintiff to lodge her application either before the local division where the actual or threatened infringement has occurred or the local division where the defendant has its place of residence or place of business. The plaintiff must in any way lodge its application in accordance with the competence of the divisions.

For Appeal proceedings:

Appellants must lodge an Application for leave to appeal against an order of the Court of First Instance .

Appellants must lodge a Statement of appeal to appeal against a decision of the UPC’s Court of First Instance

Appellants must lodge both at the UPC’s Registry located in Luxembourg.

How should the plaintiff lodge the statement/application?

An electronic filing system will be set up to enable plaintiffs to lodge the Statement or Application electronically at the UPC’s Registry.

This electronic filing will be available for First Instance and Appeal level.