Fresh News on the UPC from Alexander Ramsay’s visit in Paris

Today the Union pour la Juridiction Unifiée (UJUB) hosted an event on the Opt-out in Paris in which the following news were announced:

  • The sunrise period’s start is scheduled for October 2016, once the Protocol on the UPC Agreement  has been ratified by 13 states having ratified the UPCA.


  • The coming live of the UPC is on the other hand expected for Spring 2017.


  • The IT team as well as Alexander Ramsay however warned that due to the uncertainty of the ratification process and the coming referendum in the UK on its EU membership the sunrise period and the coming live of the UPC might be delayed.


  • Alexander Ramsay also confirmed that the UPC should run its course even if the UK decides to leave the EU although the Brexit would impact the present schedule.


  • It is highly likely that the Preparatory Committee will have finished its work at the end of June 2016, and will be replaced by the Administration Committee and the Budget Committee.


  • Last but not least, Bulgaria has deposited its instrument of ratification on Tuesday 31/05/16. Ten countries have thus now ratified the UPCA.