Brussels I Regulation updates…

So what happened to the Brussels I Regulation since the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers approved its amendments (see our post here)? 

In May 2014, the regulation ( Regulation No 1215/2012) on the rules to be applied with respect to the Unified Patent Court and the Benelux Court of Justice was published in the Official Journal, amending the EU rules on the jurisdiction of courts and recognition of judgments (or Brussels I Regulation).  However although it entered into force, it will only apply from 10 January 2015.

In August 2014, Denmark after ratifying the UPCA notified the European Commission of its decision to implement the amendments made to the Brussels I Regulation (see paragraph above). Denmark in fact opted-out of the Brussels I Regulation and must therefore notify the Commission of its decision to implement -or not- the content of any amendment made to this Regulation. However, after ratifying the UPC Agreement, following a referendum  on 25 May 2014, it was necessary for Denmark to implement the UPC amendments to the Brussels I Regulation. – See more here