Brief news about the UPC Case Management System and the UPC new website:

Since 20th January 2016 the Unified Patent Court has a new website which will in the future allow the public to search for cases and documents. The UPC also now appears to have a “slogan” : “A single patent court covering 25 countries”.

The new version is not more user-friendly than the previous one, but it gives direct access to the UPC Case Management System (top right corner).

The UPC Case Management also circulated its latest developments:

  • Browser: The UPC Case Management warns that it will only be supported by moderns web browser (Google Chrome 46, Firefow 38.4SR, Safari 8, Internet Explorer 11). This information is important as it will not be possible to connect to the UPC Case management with an older web browser.
  • Document support: The document created internally and externally by the Case Management Support will be in ODF v1.2 format; the documents submitted by the court will very probably be in PDF text format.
  • Security: The UPC Case management is investigating the possibility of using mobile phones as a secondary authentication method for the Case Management System. This new security system will be tested this year.