Unitary Patent ratification process table.

Unitary patent – ratification progress

Member State Participation in the enhanced cooperation on the unitary patent protection Signature of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court Ratification of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court
AT Austria  Yes 19.02.2013 
BE Belgium  Yes 19.02.2013 
BG Bulgaria  Yes 05.03.2013 
HR Croatia  No  No
CZ Czech Republic  Yes 19.02.2013 
CY Cyprus  Yes 19.02.2013 
DE Germany  Yes 19.02.2013 
DK Denmark  Yes 19.02.2013 
EE Estonia  Yes 19.02.2013 
GR Greece  Yes 19.02.2013 
FI Finland  Yes 19.02.2013 
FR France  Yes 19.02.2013 
HU Hungary  Yes 19.02.2013 
IE Ireland  Yes 19.02.2013 
IT Italy  Yes 19.02.2013 
LV Latvia  Yes 19.02.2013 
LT Lithuania  Yes 19.02.2013 
LU Luxembourg  Yes 19.02.2013 
MT Malta  Yes 19.02.2013 
NL The Netherlands  Yes 19.02.2013 
PL Poland  Yes  No
PT Portugal  Yes 19.02.2013 
RO Romania  Yes 19.02.2013 
SK Slovakia Yes 19.02.2013 
SI Slovenia  Yes 19.02.2013 
ES Spain  No  No
SE Sweden  Yes 19.02.2013 
UK United Kingdom  Yes 19.02.2013 

Source: Council of the European Union

Portugal: The Portugese Parliament passed on 10/04/2015 a passed a motion brought by the Council of Ministers to approve the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court. The ratification will however only be finalised after the presidential assent will be proclaimed by decree. Portugal will then need to deposit its instrument of ratification in Brussels for it to be effective. Moreover, according to Bristows UPCthe Commission for Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Communities, which studied the motion before it was voted by the full Assembly, highlighted the need for Portugal to establish a local division of the UPC, although the government has not yet formally expressed a view on the subject, and it was generally thought previously that Portugal would not set up a local division.